Sparkling Clean: Cleaning with Joy and Love

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Sparkling Clean: Cleaning with Joy and Love

Welcome to my blog! Hi, my name is Brenda, and all my life, I have been almost always inexplicably happy. Even seemingly mundane tasks like cleaning make me happy because I love the end result. As I clean, I think about how sparkling everything will be when I am done. However, I have noticed it is not as easy for my friends to be joyful when they clean. Because of that, I have decided to make this blog. If you want tips on cleaning and happiness, please start exploring. By the end, you will know how to make your home sparkling clean as well as super happy.


Items You Don't Want to Overlook With Office Cleaning

Most professional cleaning services that work on offices will have a checklist of items they're sure to tackle, and they may even point out some areas of cleaning that you missed yourself. However, there may also be special areas of your office or items that you want to have cleaned by the cleaning company and which you might easily overlook; note a few of those here so you're sure to have these included in your contract.


If your office building is two stories, you might have a passenger elevator in the back of the facility just for handicapped use; you might easily forget to point this out to your cleaning company and they may not even realize the elevator is there. Even elevators in the front of the office might be overlooked by the cleaning staff, if you don't note that you need them cleaned. This can include a quick vacuum or sweep of the floor and a polish of the handrails. The inside and outside of the door might also need a polish if it has a mirrored finish that easily shows fingerprints.

Trophy cases

Don't assume your cleaning staff will clean trophy cases and the trophies or awards in them; their insurance may not allow them to handle delicate or expensive items, or you may simply forget to give them a key to the cabinet if it's locked! Some companies also don't want to have their cleaning companies manage these cases and items as they are especially delicate, so it's good to discuss this with your cleaning company. There may be special cleansers to use on certain metals and glass trophies, or you might simply ask them to dust the items and clean the glass of the case. Do the same for anything behind a display case; don't assume it will be done but be sure you note if it's needed and if the item needs special care and handling as well.

Artwork and other such pieces

As with trophies and trophy cases, artwork might not be automatically cleaned by an office cleaning company because it often needs special care and handling. Many companies also may not want cleaning companies to touch their very expensive artwork even to dust; however, if you want picture frames dusted and the front of glass frames polished, it's good to note this with your cleaning company. For items like fountains, note if they need to be cleaned or left alone, such as if a certain maintenance company like Comclean Australia Pty Ltd comes in to keep them operational and cleaned.