Sparkling Clean: Cleaning with Joy and Love

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Sparkling Clean: Cleaning with Joy and Love

Welcome to my blog! Hi, my name is Brenda, and all my life, I have been almost always inexplicably happy. Even seemingly mundane tasks like cleaning make me happy because I love the end result. As I clean, I think about how sparkling everything will be when I am done. However, I have noticed it is not as easy for my friends to be joyful when they clean. Because of that, I have decided to make this blog. If you want tips on cleaning and happiness, please start exploring. By the end, you will know how to make your home sparkling clean as well as super happy.


A Quick Checklist of Commercial Cleaning Supplies You Need for Your Startup

If you're thinking of starting a commercial cleaning business for either residential or office cleaning, or both, your supplies will be as important as the work you perform. Using the wrong cleaners on surfaces can actually damage them, while the right cleaners and tools can make quick work of any job. Note the following checklist of commercial cleaning supplies you may need for your startup.

1. Basic cleansers

Of course you'll need window cleaner and toilet bowl cleaner for your company, but you might also want to think about a cleaner to remove calcium deposits around showerheads, water faucets and drinking fountains. This can help to get them sparkly clean and free of mineral deposits. 

A gritty cleaner can also be good for cleaning inside stainless steel sinks, as simply wiping them out doesn't typically get them perfectly clean and bleach may leave spots behind. A gritty cleaner will help to clean out coffee stains that often appear around the drain. It's also good to invest in an oil soap for wood floors and furniture; you cannot simply wipe these with a damp cloth or mop as this will leave watermarks, and the oil in the soap will help to condition the wood and give it a nice polish.

2. Basic tools

It goes without saying that you'll need a mop and vacuum cleaner for your job, so what else might you need? Consider investing in a small putty knife or scraper. This can allow you to scrape away excess putty you see around window frames as you clean them and remove calcium deposits that stubbornly cling to faucets and drinking fountains even after you've sprayed them with cleaner. It's also good to invest in a battery-operated, handheld scrub brush so you can make quick work of cleaning bathtubs and stubborn areas on tile floors that won't come clean with a mop.

3. Specialty items

You'll want to be sure you get a cart of some sort in order to carry all your tools and cleaners, and it's good to have a few extension cords on hand so you aren't constantly moving the cord to your vacuum cleaner to a new plug. It's also good to invest in some air freshener; you may know that you've cleaned an office or home, but it may not smell as clean as you'd like. A quick spray of a lemon-scented freshener can make your clients feel as if their space is spotless and perfectly clean the minute they walk through the door.