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Sparkling Clean: Cleaning with Joy and Love

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What To Look For In Commercial Upholstery Cleaners

In today's busy world, many business are open 24/7, all year round.  In such a hectic environment, keeping your office furniture looking fresh and clean can be a real problem, and that's where a good commercial upholstery cleaner comes in.  There are certainly plenty of cleaning contractors out there, so how do you make sure you choose the right one for your business needs?

What to look for in commercial upholstery cleaners

The first thing you'll need is a company that is flexible in its working hours.  This means that you can arrange for your office upholstery to be cleaned when the business is at its quietest and disruption to staff and visitors will be minimal—over a Bank Holiday weekend for example.

If your office premises are large and spread across several buildings or floors, choose an upholstery cleaning company that uses portable rather than truck-mounted equipment.  This means that your furniture can be cleaned without the danger of damage to your paintwork on corners and walls, and a bulky truck won't inconvenience staff and clients moving around the office.  Another downside of truck-mounted cleaning equipment is that the hoses used might not reach every area easily, meaning that some of your furniture could be missed out.

Something else to look for is a commercial cleaning contractor who uses a gentle agitation cleaning process in preference to steam cleaning.  Steam cleaned furniture is very slow to dry and this means that your furniture is out of action for longer.  Upholstery cleaned using the agitation method will be dry in a few hours whereas steam cleaned fabric really needs to be left overnight to dry out completely.  The agitation method is also much more effective when cleaning items that receive the most use as it lifts dirt and staining more efficiently than steam cleaning does. 

It's important to ask your cleaning contractor about the cleaning products they use.  Ask specifically about residue that may be left behind after cleaning.  Some products leave a residue that is sticky and quickly attracts grime and dirt.  This means that you'll have to have your furniture cleaned more frequently, resulting in more expense and inconvenience to your business.  Look for a cleaning contractor who uses residue-free cleaning products.

A good commercial upholstery cleaner can often restore upholstery so well that your worn, grimy-looking furniture will be given a whole new lease of life.  Before signing a contract for all of your furniture to be cleaned, ask the contractor to clean one or two particularly grimy items so that you can judge for yourself how good they are.

The furniture in some areas of your office may be particularly prone to staining and spills—in the staff break room or restaurant, for example.  A professional upholstery cleaner will treat your furniture with a protective coating to help keep fabric stain-free for longer, saving you money in the long run. 

In conclusion

Clean, fresh-looking upholstery gives a good impression of your business to both visitors and staff.  Using the services of professional commercial office cleaners to routinely clean your furniture will save you money in the long run as you'll not have to replace items as frequently.